Unfortunately, you do need a smartphone to access our unique service. Spotlist is available on both iOS and Android meaning all smart phones are compatible with the app.

Absolutely. Spotlist fully understands the time-poor age in which we reside and we appreciate maintaining elderly friends/relatives’ homes can be a drain on our precious time. As long as you have a smartphone to access our app and can provide authorisation to set up payment, you can arrange our services on their behalf. You’ll just need to be there for the first appointment to show your Superstar their humble abode.

Spotlist is a cleaning agency like no other. Created to benefit both the customer and the cleaner, the Spotlist app is based on the timeless to-do list. It allows the customer to specify specific tasks for their cleaner, and allows the cleaner to tick off tasks as they’re completed, ensuring the household is left spotless every time.

Spotlist conquers the problems around modern-day domestic cleaning for both parties, offering a bespoke and personalised service with customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Payment is taken on a monthly basis by Direct Debit. We use Fastpay, which is simple to use and after the initial set-up no further action is required.

Spotlist differs from other cleaning agencies as our foundations are based on the timeless to-do list. We proudly make it impossible to forget another cleaning task again.

They certainly are, our Spotlist Superstars have Public Liability Insurance.

We ask that all cleaning products are provided for your Spotlist Superstar so only the products you’d like consumed in your home are accessible. This eradicates any unnecessary concerns regarding allergies, and allows eco-friendly products to be used when desired.

The Spotlist app tracks when your Superstar has completed the necessary cleaning tasks so you’ll always know when a cleaner has been and what tasks they’ve completed.

If your Superstar is sick we will contact you to advise and arrange an alternative time that week for the clean. If that is not possible Spotlist aim to organise a temporary Stand-in Superstar.

Creating your own bespoke Spotlist means your exact requirements are shared with your Superstar from the offset. With this in mind its very unlikely that you’ll be unsatisfied as they’ll be ticking off tasks as they’re completed. However, if you feel this is not up to standard you can communicate with your cleaner via the app so more detailed instructions are shared. If you are still not satisfied, our team will step in to help and if necessary, allocate another Superstar.

Our Spotlist Superstars know how important security is so rarely do we experience property loss. However, if this does occur your Spotlist Superstar will forfeit £50 to cover your key cutting costs.

Our dainty Superstars glide through households with the finesse of angelic cherubs! However, should there be any concerns you can always contact our team using the ‘Contact HQ’ section of the app.

We hope you’ll send us a postcard…!

We find most Spotlist customers like to come home to a clean environment so they keep their Superstar booked during the week they’re on holiday. However, if you are going away for an extended period of time then please do let us know 30 days beforehand and we’ll hold your Superstar for the duration requested. Simply head to the ‘Contact HQ’ section within the app to advise us of your absence.

Absolutely, simply ‘Contact HQ’ in the app to let our team know and we’ll action that for you. We require 30 days notice to permanently cancel your Superstar.

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